RESEARCH FOCUS Nathan’s research focuses on applying machine learning and materials informatics to problems in manufacturing. As part of the ADAPT Center, he works with and studies a wide range of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, from selective laser melting to electron beam free-form fabrication. The ADAPT Center applies machine learning approaches to discover the process-property relationships […]


RESEARCH FOCUS Composites are widely used in multiple industries including automotive, aerospace and renewable energy. Manufacturing plays a large role in the effectiveness of composites. For example, wind turbine blades are currently manufactured as a single piece, which creates many challenges with shipping, assembling and maintenance, especially as the industry continues to manufacture larger rotor […]


RESEARCH FOCUS Tom’s research focuses on elucidating process-structure-property relationships in additively manufactured materials through a suite of multiscale characterization techniques. These techniques primarily consist of optical and electron microscopy, with an emphasis on transmission electron microscopy (TEM). In additive manufacturing (AM), rapid solidification, drastic thermal gradients, and highly nonequilibrium conditions generate complex hierarchical microstructures that […]


RESEARCH FOCUS Using high-energy diffraction microscopy (HEDM) experiments, Jinesh’s research aims to: Quantify in situ transformation and plastic tensor during mechanical loading to enhance constitutive relation modeling Determine the influence of loading path during solid phase transformation and plastic deformation HEDM experiments provide grain-level data that can reveal the influence of initial texture (from processing) and […]


RESEARCH FOCUS Under the advisement of Professor Aaron Stebner, Sean’s research focused on NiTiHf alloy development for bearing applications. Prior to his appointment at Mines, Sean acquired an extensive materials background at The Ohio State University. His motivations to continue his studies in materials science stem from his strengths in identifying and improving strengthening mechanisms […]


RESEARCH FOCUS Garrison’s research interests lie in the experimental study of multiscale and multiaxial behaviors in structural alloys. These behaviors include phenomena such as asymmetry and anisotropy, and experimental study focuses on how they can give rise to stress and strain path dependence. Macroscopically, these phenomena can be seen as stress-strain curve dependence on loading […]