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Using high-energy diffraction microscopy (HEDM) experiments, Jinesh’s research aims to:

  1. Quantify in situ transformation and plastic tensor during mechanical loading to enhance constitutive relation modeling
  2. Determine the influence of loading path during solid phase transformation and plastic deformation

HEDM experiments provide grain-level data that can reveal the influence of initial texture (from processing) and microstructures (from alloying elements, processing, and heat treatment) on the mechanical response of the material. Plasticity in the triaxial stress state affects the transformation strain and reversibility of transformation, which are different in triaxial versus uniaxial loading. The presence of anisotropy in certain metals adds further complexity to understanding the nature of the transformation and strain state present in the materials; thus, HEDM experiments enable an understanding of the micromechanics of deformation at the grain scale, which can decouple different deformation phenomena.

Jinesh’s study deals with two standard materials: 301L stainless steel (face centered cubic) and NiTi shape memory alloys (ordered B2 structure).

Research funded by NSF-CMMI
Collaborators: Jun-Sang Park, Hemant Sharma, Peter Kenesei, and Jon Almer, Argonne National Laboratory; Darren Dale, Cornell University; Joel Bernier, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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