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Congratulations to Dr. Sean Mills (pictured at left, center), recent Beam Team PhD graduate, for winning first place in the “Fatigue in Materials” poster session at TMS 2020 for his poster “Deformation Mechanisms of Nickel-Titanium-Hafnium Alloys Subjected to Rolling Contact Fatigue Experiments.”

And congratulations to Zach Brunson (pictured at right), Beam Team PhD candidate, for winning first place in the Light Metals Magnesium Poster Award for his 2019 TMS Poster “Using In Situ Biaxial Deformation to Calibrate Yield in Magnesium Alloys.” Zach was presented with his award at TMS 2020.

The Beam Team had an impressive showing at TMS, with a number of presentations by both current group members and alumni throughout the week:

[Bold indicates Beam Team affiliation, italics indicate presenter]

  • Measuring the Multiaxial Nature of Thermomechanical Constitutive Relationships of Crystalline Materials: Garrison Hommer(1); Ashley Bucsek(2); Harshad Paranjape(1); Zachary Brunson(1); Jinesh Dahal(1); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines; (2)University of Michigan
  • Optimizing Metals Additive Manufacturing: Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines
  • A New Yield Criterion Accounting for Anisotropy and Anisotropic Asymmetry from Near Isotropy to Triclincity: Zachary Brunson(1); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines
  • Martensitic Variant Selection Under Applied Stress: A New Approach Applied to the ß Transformation in Titanium: ZacharyBrunson(1); Adam Pilchak(2); Eric Payton(2); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines; (2)United States Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Study of Deformation Mechanisms in Various Heat-treated AM-IN718 Using Transmission Electron Microscopy: Thomas Gallmeyer(1); Jack Dale(1); Behnam Aminahmadi(1); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines
  • Introducing the MEAM Interatomic Potential for NiTiHf Shape Memory Alloys: Meghnath Jaishi(1); Garritt Tucker(1); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines
  • Understanding Functional Fatigue with 3D In-situ Grain Map Reconstructions Using High-energy Diffraction Microscopy: Ashley Bucsek(1); Lee Casalena(2); Darren Pagan(3); Michael Mills(4); Aaron Stebner(5); (1)University of Michigan; (2)Thermo Fisher Scientific; (3)Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source; (4)The Ohio State University; (5)Colorado School of Mines
  • The Next Generation of NiTi-based Shape Memory Alloys: Developed for Additive Manufacturing: Behnam Amin-Ahmadi(1); Sen Liu(1); Sean Mills(1); Branden Kappes(1); Ronald Noebe(2); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines; (2)NASA Glenn Research Center
  • In-situ Synchrotron Measurements of Microstructure Development at Fusion Boundary in Wire Feed AM of Ti-6Al-4V: Nathan Johnson(1); Donald Brown(2); John Carpenter(2); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines; (2)Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Calibrating Yield Criteria in 6 Dimensions: A Collection of Analytic and Experimental Case Studies: Zachary Brunson(1); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines
  • Automatically Quantifying Phase Information from HRTEM for Additively Manufactured Inconel 718: Sen Liu(1); Behnam Aminahmadi(1); Branden Kappes(1); Aaron Stebner(1); Xiaoli Zhang(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines
  • Design of Easy-to-use Structural Alloy Feedstocks for Additive Manufacturing Using Machine Learning Methods: Akansha Singh(1); Ben Rafferty(2); Jeremy Iten(2); Jacob Nuechterlein(2); Branden Kappes(1); Sridhar Seetharaman(1); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines; (2)Elementum 3D
  • Evolution of Dislocation Cell Substructure and its Effect on Precipitation Behavior in AM-IN718: Thomas Gallmeyer(1); Jack Dale(1); Behnam Aminahmadi(1); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School Of Mines
  • Deformation Mechanism of Nickel-titanium-hafnium Alloys Subjected to Rolling Contact Fatigue Experiments: Behnam Aminahmadi(1); Sean Mills(1); Christopher Dellacorte(2); Ronald Noebe(2); Aaron Stebner(1); (1)Colorado School of Mines; (2)NASA Glenn Research Center 

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