RESEARCH FOCUS Andrew is studying the process parameters relating to the directed energy deposition additive manufacturing of molybdenum parts. His research involves discovering strategies to enable the manufacturing of such parts in a repeatable and advantageous manner as compared to geometries produced via conventional manufacturing methods.


RESEARCH FOCUS Bhairav is working on adapting spectral imaging (SPIFI) and interferometry techniques to perform three-dimensional surface metrology on additively manufactured samples. Bhairav is also working on developing data analytics to enable artificial intelligence (A.I) to discover trends in the correlation between process parameters and surface finish.


RESEARCH FOCUS Keshav is studying Non-Destructive Evaluation technologies, focused on Additive Manufacturing applications, with the goal of developing an in-situ system to monitor the fabrication process in real time for early detection of defects.


RESEARCH FOCUS Jenny’s research background includes process planning, modeling and simulation, and design in additive manufacturing. She is currently working on developing constitutive models, numerical simulations, and other methodology for the production of optimized 4D structures composed of shape memory alloys.


RESEARCH FOCUS Michael’s research is focused on using AI/ML tools, specifically generative modeling techniques, to efficiently explore the space of material structures and properties. Current projects include creating new algorithms to generate highly accurate polycrystalline microstructures, solving inverse materials problems with Bayesian methods, active learning, and learning in data spaces with incomplete observations. 


RESEARCH FOCUS Rupesh is working on physics-based and data-driven model development for SMA alloy, manufacturing, and part design, including developing high throughput methodology and surrogate models to accelerate SMA developments. He is currently developing a crystal mechanics-based framework to predict material response of SMA and material characterisation using nano-indentation methods. The scope of the project […]


RESEARCH FOCUS Daniel is developing process windows for wire and powder L-DED systems and comparing mechanical properties of parts made with both systems. He is a master’s student in the lab working on developing process windows for both wire and laser directed energy deposition processes. Prior to joining the lab, he worked as an Automation […]


RESEARCH FOCUS Nathaniel’s research focuses on the use of directed energy deposition additive manufacturing of molybdenum and its alloys. He works on all parts of the alloy development from alloy additions to processing parameters, and most of his funding and research is focused on aerospace applications.


RESEARCH FOCUS Emmeline is working on developing multimodal ultrasonic testing for in-situ use during manufacturing of high-temperature ceramic and refractory alloy parts.


RESEARCH FOCUS Tyler is studying the dynamic compression/shock response of advanced NiTiHf alloys, and also working on developing automated and high throughput data analysis methods to enable the ability for artificial intelligence (A.I.) to discover and optimize new shape memory alloys and their manufacturing in the future.