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PhD student Thomas Gallmeyer won the Best Paper Award at GVSETS 2019. The 11th annual GVSETS & APBI (Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium and Advanced Planning Briefings for Industry) was hosted by the Michigan chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association Aug. 13–15 in Novi, Michigan.

Tom’s paper is titled “Systematic Development of Framework for Validation and Performance Quantification of Additively Manufactured (AM) Replacement Parts for Structural Steel Applications.” Co-authors include Jinesh Dahal, Branden Kappes, Aaron Stebner, Ravi Thyagarajan, Juan Miranda, Adam Pilchak and Jacob Nuechterlein. Funding for the research was provided by the U.S. Army CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center.

GVSETS & APBI brings together more than 1,000 executives, program managers, engineers, and key decision-makers to discuss and collaborate technology, initiatives, programs and plans in the ground domain. Through its program of presentations, panel discussions, speakers, exhibits, technical paper presentations and one-on-one meetings with Army Ground Systems decision makers, GVSETS & APBI is a unique opportunity for the community to come together to shape the future success of the nation’s Warfighters.

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